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Dear friend,  I am helping ‘For Here or to Go?’ movie reach their $5,000 goal so the film makers are able to bring the first feature film about legal immigration in America to our metro area! Award winning film ‘For Here or to Go?’ humanizes the story of green card back logs, visa struggles, and immigrant entrepreneurs. Watch this incredibly powerful trailer and donate now!

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What's so important about being in theaters these days?

The community viewing experience remains unmatched. When an audience goes on the story's emotional journey together, laughing together at the comedic moments and holding their breath during tense moments, people are far more likely to talk about the film and the real-life issues that it presents. Having a US theatrical release also builds a platform that strengthens a film's potential to reach audiences on digital platforms.

Are there any tax deductions available?

YES. Please donate on our fiscal sponsor page for a tax-deductible donation. Make sure to note your CITY on the donation form (where is says to make a note for the donor scroll) so we know which goal to put the funds towards.

Who is the screen writer?

Who is the director?

Rucha Humnabadkar is known for her work with acclaimed Indian filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor. As Assistant Director and Art Director she was instrumental in delivering indie hits such as Hyderabad Blues, Rockford and Bollywood Calling. Rucha’s directorial debut, short film Arranged Marriage, played at festivals in 2012 prior to being selected for inclusion in the Smithsonian Asian Heritage 2015-2020 traveling exhibit “Beyond Bollywood.” For Here or To Go? is her first feature film.

How can I help tell this story?

Any acclaim from known people?

Yes, some well -established people from across industries have appreciated the film:

"I feel like it's a story not just worth telling, but it's been told now. It's worth seeing"
Mike Kreiger, Co-Founder Instagram

"With this film, Rishi brings to life issues about immigration and America's global competitiveness in the most entertaining way possible. A phenomenal must-watch”
Brad Feld, co-founder, Foundry Group

"A fresh, engaging portrait of the immigrant experience that we have not seen on film before"
Lisa Rosenberg, Lucas Arts

"I have seen the film and I have loved...its a very effective film, very brilliantly written and made film"
Atul Kulkarni, National Award Winning India Actor

"Rishi's film showcases the harsh realities of the American immigration system and its impact on immigrant entrepreneurs. It is a timely, authentic and critical film of our times and it is important to bring these realities to the mainstream."
Vivek Wadhwa, Academic & Writer

For Here or To Go?” offers an entertaining and humanizing take on the restrictive and complicated U.S. immigration system. Part-drama, part-comedy, and part-examination of the failures of our immigration policy, the movie is a must-watch for those looking to understand the experience of immigrants simply trying to live and work legally in the U.S. and follow their dreams."
Niskanen Center

“The film tells the incredible untold story of many high-skilled immigrants shackled to their visas in the U.S. Immigrants represent an entrepreneurial population that has been the biggest job creators in America, but are often faced with the question, should I stay or should I go back? This film, in a comedic and light-hearted way tells their story and makes it relatable to all.”
Unshackled VC

What has the audience response been so far?

Our festival debut was at Cinequest, San Jose- voted #1 film festival in America. We ended up having 3 full house screenings, here's a little video we made:

Why isn't this on kickstarter?

As tech-savvy indie filmmakers, we know the value of having visitor analytics data accessible. We also want to make sure our website, not a Kickstarter page, appears at the top of search results during the theatrical release.

How will you spend the money?

The funds raised will be used to get the word out about the film. Independent films are initially only programmed for one-week theatrical runs, and then may be extended at the theatres based on opening weekend box office -- so it is critical to raise awareness about when and where people can see the film. Adding a city to our theatrical release means additional regional publicity and marketing expenses, but it also adds to the quality of the overall campaign. Other costs include theatre booking fees, creating and shipping hard drives and posters, additional personnel support, and location-targeted digital campaigns.

What happens if my city doesn't meet the $5,000 goal?

If a city raises a significant amount, but fails to reach its goal, we will discuss with our distributor the possibility of screening the film in your city at a scale appropriate to what has been raised. We will endeavor to schedule such screenings as close to opening week as possible.

When does this campaign end?

The sooner you contribute, the more effectively we can utilize the funds, so please do not wait! We will need to meet our $5000 goal with enough advance notice to book a theatre in your area. Once that goal is met, we will keep accepting donations for as long as we feel they can be effectively used to promote the theatrical release of the film in your city.

Does contributing to this campaign mean I get free tickets when the film comes to my city?

No, this donation campaign is not to be confused with a pre-sale. We cannot offer tickets before there are showtimes.

My city doesn't have a movie theatre that shows indie films. Will there be a digital release?

We will have a digital release eventually, but the dates are still to be determined. Please join our email list so we can notify you directly that the film is available.

How many weekends will the film run?

Cities that meet their goal will start with a 1-week theatrical release. If the film does well during opening weekend, the theatres may choose to extend the run, so please help us spread the word!

Anything else?

We hope you donate and share this campaign with your friends. For all other questions, write to us at

Are there other works on this topic?

Yes, and we wholeheartedly support other filmmakers trying to raise awareness of the issues through their work. Check out the work of Prakash Wadhwa and team who made a documentary titled "From the Land of Gandhi":

More on the film:

From The Land of Gandhi Film is a story of 4 high-skilled immigrants, a decade after they came to study in the US, placing a human face to the employment-based permanent residency backlog. It’s a portrayal of life in limbo faced by hundreds of thousands of naïve dreams because of an arbitrary 7% country cap in the skill-based system. The film also highlights the importance of a skilled immigration reform for the US at a time of intense globalization and retirement of the most-skilled baby boomers.
The 50 min film by Prakash Wadhwa features Richard Freeman (Labor Economist, Harvard University), Madeline Zavodny (Professor of Economics, Agnes Scott College), Jacob Kirkegaard (Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute of International Economics), Vivek Wadhwa (Tech Entrepreneur and Academic), and Lucky Ali (Original Theme Song). This is an exclusively crowd distributed and a crowd supported film with a mission to raise awareness and to find due attention towards building a 21st century skilled-immigration system. Watch Film and Sign the Conquer with Love Card (a collective voice to change makers) at

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